1. Hello, I see you have a 1965 Reseda Grover Cleveland Yearbook.
    I’m looking for a specific person named Greg Smith, who should be graduating class of 1968.
    If he is in your yearbook, I’d love to buy it.
    Please let me know.
    Thank you,
    Russell Boston

  2. Do you buy old yearbooks in good condition? I have a number from the late 1950s and into the 1960s for Sumner High School, Greensboro, North Carolina. My mother taught there for many years.

  3. i am attempting to purchase a product but the message appears that there are no shipping methods available to this address. I am in a metropolitan area in St. Petersburg, Florida so this is odd. Please advise

  4. Looking for Rich Eichenbaum.


    I bought the 1961 Willow Glen Rambler yearbook from you recently.
    I have run across a hoard of college and HS annuals.Around a 100.
    I haven’t bought them yet.
    Would be interested in selling them to you ,if you’re interested.
    Let me know.thanks.
    Steve Vargo ,Bowling green,Ohio,419-419-9683

  5. I am interested in the 1961 Willow glen Rambler yearbook.
    I saw it on ebay.
    I do not do business with ebay,or paypal.
    I have an ongoing dispute with those people.
    Let me know if you will sell it to me without going through ebay.

  6. I’m trying to find out if a Vietnam Veteran photo is in the 1964 Adamson HS in Dallas yearbook you have for sale. The photo may be the only one we can find for the Vietnam Veterans Wall in Washington DC. I will buy the book if he’s in it. His name was Jesse Arnel Gordy and he would have graduated in 1964 or 1965. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  7. If you are named Rich and came to Skagway Alaska on a cruise and stopped by the Skagway CHamber of Commerce and spoke to Blaine, than I have the right site. I am looking for a yearbook for Terra Nova High School 1975 Pacifica, California.
    Will you let me know if I have the right site? Thanks a million.

    Blaine A. Mero

  8. I tried to purchase the 1992 McClellan High School yearbook but it is telling me that the shipping method is invalid. Can you help?

  9. Do you have the 1948 or 1950 Washington Irving High School Yearbook. School is located at 40 Irving Place in NY, NY. thanks,

  10. Good afternoon,

    I am trying to locate yearbooks from 1949-1952 for McKinley High School in Chicago, IL.

  11. Hello,
    You have an original Oak Grove high school (San Jose California) year: 1972 yearbook for sale on eBay.
    I do not belong to EBAY and would like to purchase it.
    Is there anyway to contact you so I can purchase it?
    I would like to pay for it using PayPal if possible.
    Thank you

  12. I am looking for some of my high school year books from Warren High School out of Warren Texas from 1984 on back to 1977 do you have any of those ?

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